Locker Double Dresser

Locker Double Dresser

Jun 6, 2007

Feel like a teenager again.

PBTeen's locker double dresser stands out for its fun combination of an industrial frame, a hardwood top, and the range of colors the drawers come in. Ten pastels, neutrals and brights can be combined to create a dresser that will fit your existing decor or become the focal point in a bedroom that lacks color.

Go crazy with a patchwork of colors (say, a different one for each drawer to help you remember which one holds socks and which one sweaters), a duo of complementaries (pool and red), or keep things subdued and sophisticated with a small palette of related colors, like green and silver.

The frame goes for $507 and each drawer for $49, so it's no steal (no pun intended) but you do get two more drawers than the similarly customizable Mod Five Cabinet.

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