Loft Living in the Movies

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New shelter publicationLoftLife Magazine kindly contacted us about a list similar to our Top 10 Decor Inspiration Films, showcasing lofts spaces that have made notable appearances in cinema's finest moments. We're happy to see two LA films and one Austin indie classic are mentioned...

I guess it may come as no surprise that amongst the films showcased in the list, I'm most partial to the one shown in Godard's Contempt (maybe it's the furniture and space...or maybe it's because Bardot is moving around in it), though I'm also strangely enamored with the idea of living in the altered retrofuturistic Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis-Brown” house. But the space I'm most in love with in that particular film is the Bradbury Building scene (the waterlogged home of toymaker Sebastian, filled with oddities and curiosities). Can anyone think of additional movies/lofts to add to this list?