Loll Outdoor T77 series

Loll Outdoor T77 series

Jun 25, 2008

AT is no stranger to Loll, but its T77 line demands another mention.

This Duluth, MN-based company makes outdoor furniture of uncommon aesthetic, quality and enviro standards. And it's all made in the USA.

Finally its modern mission lives up to its looks. The T77 is superior-grade recycled HDPE and Richlite, a enviro-friendly natural wood fiber composite. Quality heft and high-grade steel fasteners keep it all from blowing away under a strong wind. The styling and comfort make people linger around the firepit far longer than recommended for a school night.

Chair options include four frame colors, three seat back styles and two back/bottom finishes.
The seat back styles include graphics, tree-inspired patterns and this. Tweet, sweet.
Tables are available in two top styles and two colors, black or nutmeg. Match or mix.

The progessive company is taking action in all it does.
So it's no surprise the goods are a bit back-ordered.

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