London Calling Hollywood Regency: 40 Winks

London Calling Hollywood Regency: 40 Winks

Grace Shu
Oct 22, 2009

To be honest, we're a little tired of the Hollywood Regency style--seems like a lot of the interiors that we've been seeing in magazines lately are basically thrown together with no rhyme or reason. So when we stumbled upon this East London "hotel", 40 Winks, we were so impressed by the style and concept. It brings back a similar playful whimsy as Hollywood Regency--but with a bit more restraint and a sense of humor...

A little bit of background on 40 Winks: It's a Queen Anne townhouse built in 1717 and owned by interior designer David Carter who was inspired to create a different kind of "hotel"--although since there are really only two guest suites available at a time, it's being dubbed a "home away from home" instead. Targeted towards professionals in the creative and fashion industries, Carter combines the best offerings of a boutique hotel (breakfast, WiFi, garden) and the comfort of being at home (parking spot, washer/dryer, great location, use of kitchen). Considering that a nice hotel in London can run upwards of $250 a night, 40 Winks offers a great rate of $100 - $130 a night, with a deal if you book for a week.

And thanks to its unique stylings, Carter's home has often been used a location house for fashion and celebrity photoshoots.

Sitting Room:

Dining Room:

Kitchen Trompe-l'œil Detail (how convincing is that wall candle sconce?):

Living Room:


To get more info about 40 Winks and to see the entire gallery including the rooms, check out

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