Lonny Issue #2 Launches Today

The December issue of the new online magazine, Lonny, is up this morning. The follow-up to October's premiere issue once again has some great photos, plenty of inspiration and this time, a bit more of a retail design focus as well.

Amidst the homes, there were several shops/businesses featured, looking at ways to glean inspiration for home from Kate Spade, J. Crew, Haus Interior and the Hotel Keppler in Paris.A few photos from favorite features (with lots of black & white!) from this issue, shown above, left to right:

Page 94: Small space home of Anthony Gianacakos
Page 55: Striped bathroom at J.Crew in NYC
Page 138: Wall treatment from Nina Freudenberger's Haus Interior
Page 150: Living room of a gorgeous apartment designed by Brad Ford
Page 34: Wonderful wallpaper at Hotel Kepler

Check out Issue #2 at lonnymag.com.

(Images: Lonny)