Look! 70's Rock Musicians and Their Parent's Homes

Update: We were politely asked to remove the images. All links to the original Time Life images remain below.

We found this fascinating series of photos from the archives of LIFE magazine, giving readers a peek inside the homes of the parents/grandparents of some of the most influential musical artists from the 1970's, including the likes of Frank Zappa [above], Grace Slick, The Jackson Five, Elton John, Eric Clapton and many more previewed below...

Since we've been asked to remove the images, how about some other 1970's era decor posts from our archives:

Grace Slick with mother Virginia Wing in her mom's home in Palo Alto. [John Olson/LIFE]

David Crosby standing with father Floyd in father's house in Ojai. [John Olson/LIFE]
Donovan and parents in the UK; The Jackson Five in Encino, CA [John Olson/LIFE]
Eric Clapton with his grandmother Rose in the house he bought her in Surrey. [John Olson/LIFE]
Elton John with his mother Shelia and stepfather Fred Fairebrother in their London apartment. [John Olson/LIFE]

We'd love to see the same sort of series, but with artists from the 80's, 90, 00's-now, and from a variety of genres. Do electronic musicians' parents' homes lean modern or traditional? What kind of lighting options did Kool Keith's childhood home have? Did the Nelson twins have bunkbeds? Did Prince grow up with a home with any significant amount of purple in it (like Zappa)? All the images above are available as framed prints from the LIFE Picture Collection.