Before and After: A $1400 IKEA Kitchen Makeover

Before and After: A $1400 IKEA Kitchen Makeover

Oct 3, 2008

It's a commonly asked question: Should I go with an IKEA kitchen or not? We have friends who've gone this route, and also know people who are considering doing so. AT has tackled the subject before (including here and here).

We found an IKEA kitchen renovation on a Dwell blog that Terry, a San Francisco resident, undertook. The before and after is quite impressive. Except for the rice cooker, toaster oven and refrigerator, everything in the revamped space is from IKEA...

He and a friend did all of the work themselves. The entire project took 3.5 weekends (with 10-hour workdays) and cost him just $1,400. In case you want to replicate the kitchen in your own home, the Dwell post outlines all of the IKEA components.

Note: Terry is an IKEA employee. Without his 15 percent discount and various sale-priced items, the kitchen would still come in under $2,000. We've gutted a kitchen before and can safely say that two-grand is still really cheap for an entire remodel.

(Edited from a post originally published 05.17.07 - CB)

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