Look!: A Bomb Shelter in the Home

AT Washington DC

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Who knew you'd need a bomb shelter in the middle of North Carolina, several hours away from DC? Built in the 1950's, at the height of cold-war paranoia, this fantastic bomb shelter has since been used as a wine cellar and kids' secret play area. It's the ultimate in secret hiding places, though the submarine door (from a decommissioned submarine) may give away its location...

What would you do with this space?

The owners are considering remodeling it, but I am encouraging them to preserve the original fixtures and 1950's design. Pictured are the submarine door viewed from inside the shelter; a wheel that cranks clean, filtered air into the shelter; and the shower fixtures built to decontaminate people from radioactive debris.

You can also see the the bunk bed for sleeping, but used as storage space for wine and food.

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The Decontamination Shower

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Air Filter System

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Bunk Beds and turning the crank of the air filter

- Rachael Grad

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