Look! A Chalkboard Turned into a Headboard

Look! A Chalkboard Turned into a Headboard

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 8, 2008

I love this pic that I spotted last week in a post by Jeanine on how to make guests feel more welcome. Since I've been working on a headboard for our own bed (and not getting it quite right yet), I thought this was a great idea: just use a big chalkboard with a nice wood frame with different drawings for fun...

The best thing would be to find an old chalkboard with character, but I thought I'd help out by pulling a quick list of some good chalkboard resources both old and new:

>> Factory 20

>> Ghent Traditional School Chalkboards

>> Blue Bell Bazaar on Etsy, turns vintage wood frames into chalkboards, but she only has one right now.

>> Vintage Chalkboards on eBay

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