Look!: A New DWR?

Look!: A New DWR?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 3, 2006

Have you noticed? In the past 6 months or so, it seems as if DWR has been changing. For one thing, they've finally Got Color, for a second thing, they're new catalog has a graphic style and an edge to it that we've not seen, and for a third thing, there's much more variety and risk taking among the designs inside (heavens forbid!). Did someone just get fired? Did someone just get hired?

This latest catalog cover is a case in point. It's a stunner. We found ourselves drawn to it and didn't pitch it into the basket right away. There is a new intelligence working here, we thought...

Ah, we've got it! Perhaps they have a new photographer? That's how all good design porn is made. But seriously, we're curious if anyone else has noticed the change. Is it them or is it us?

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