Look! Afternoon Tea with a Modern Twist

Look! Afternoon Tea with a Modern Twist

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 23, 2009

We love us some cheeky designs, especially when it comes at tech's expense. Above is the Tea V, a mug and saucer that reveals the etching of a television with a woman drinking tea on it at the square base of the cup. As you take your last sips of your herbal beverage and hold the cup up to the light you'll suddenly see this surprise...

The cup is designed by Jana Walliser from Germany. "I'm interested in those parts of a product that are normally taken for granted," Jana told Design.nl. "The cord of a light, the floor of a cup or the stitching in fabric." Unfortunately we can't tell from her site whether or not the cup, a graduation project, is available for purchase or just a concept.

photos: Jana Walliser

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