Look!: Andy's Front Room - Before and After

Look!: Andy's Front Room - Before and After

Dec 6, 2007

San Francisco resident Andy sent us some before and after photos of his front room. He writes: I finally finished doing my front room in IKEA-hack, Craigslist, Apartment Therapy style! I love it! I took AT advice and went for protein furniture on Craigslist, and some IKEA carbs...

Click below the jump to see the transformation, and read more details.

...The shelves are LACK that I cut to size (and screwed to studs) and the lower cabinets are also IKEA, also cut to fit the alcove. Had to brick and paint the fireplace for code reasons.

To keep street peepers out, I used contact paper and cut the words "nice day" into it. I also attached all the lights to one dimmer that I attached near the overhead light switch, so you can turn them all on together. No rug yet, but it finally looks warm.

Thanks, Andy!

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