On our search to find a Nantucket whale to take home with us, we stumbled upon this shop where the owner was displaying reclaimed wood trunks he builds on top of makeshift antique stove bases. We think with the right top paired with a nice vintage base it could make a wonderful unique coffee table...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

While I (Wes) grew up with antique wood stoves in my parents home, and know the utility of them first hand, most people don't really have a good use for them these days so old parts can be had for cheap. The shop owner said he found his bases in a vintage stove restoration shop in Nashua, NH (anyone know of the place?) and for not a lot of money the same shop will sandblast and paint the base with a very durable primer. You can then paint whatever color you want on top of the primer and have a top cut to fit from your choice of material. As a testament to their durability the shop owner said he leaves them out year round in the Nantucket weather and while he has had to rebuild the wood tops he hasn't touched the bases in years. I think we'd love a classic black base with a nice white carrera marble top cut to fit. What would you do?