Look: ATLA Meets Up With Maxwell

Look: ATLA Meets Up With Maxwell

Gregory Han
Jun 2, 2008

This weekend the whole ATLA team was invited to Sara Kate's picture-perfect family home in the Valley where we bid the Gillingham-Ryan family farewell, enjoying delectable treats under a clear blue sky, plucking fresh chickpeas from the farmer's market, sipping refreshing drinks, and all the while learning some amusing facts about each other (Maxwell and Sara Kate's courting tales!). Take a peek below for a slideshow...

>>>Slideshow here

This was the first time the whole ATLA team was together at once with Maxwell, so the afternoon was an especially joyous one that we hope to repeat soon all again.

Emily takes her chickpea harvesting very serious, as Abby and Laure take a break.

Urusla's love of cake shows all over.

>>>The rest of the photos here

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