Look! Back To Back Malm Dressers

Look! Back To Back Malm Dressers

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 16, 2009

While taking a stroll through IKEA this weekend, a display of Malm dressers caught our attention. Dressers are something that we usually think about locating against walls, as most don't have a very stylish backside. In this display these two were put back to back making a great island in a closet configuration, but we can see it working in other places as well. Click through the jump for a few more looks.

With the addition of a simple bar across the side, these two dressers become something different. Not to mention are given stability with the mounting hardware. It would be a great place to hang belts, scarves or even a hanger with your next day's clothes on it.

Although this combo worked splendidly in a closet situation, most of us weren't blessed with walk in closets allowing for such luxury. This set up was topped with a mirrored tray to tie the look together, although it could be adorned with a butcher block or piece of countertop for use in a kitchen, or even garage or craft room.

You might have already seen this display, but we thought those who don't live near the blue and yellow giant would like to take a look!
Not a fan of IKEA? Replicate the same idea with pieces found in thrift stores or garage sales, just make sure to bring a tape measure with you!

(Photos by Sarahrae)

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