Look! Backyard Cherry Blossom Mural

As we were driving around suburbia yesterday something caught our eye. What's that? A...cherry blossom mural? Yes, we got out of the car and we peeked over the fence. Jump below to see what we found:

Yes it was a full scale mural that did include a cherry blossom tree. We're not toally sure if the rest of it is a beach scene or what, but we loved it. A bold mural painted on the stucco of an outdoor patio turned what could have been a boring stucco wall into a bright, fun mural (that probably has some kind of a story behind it, anyone know this mural or the people that painted it?). We think painting a mural of plants and trees could be a great way to make a small space feel bigger. We wish we still had a balcony that had a wall that only faced inside our apartment, we would have done plants and flowers in this same style to add unexpected depth and fun to an otherwise limited space.