Look! Baumraum Treehouses

Look! Baumraum Treehouses

Carrie McBride
Aug 8, 2008

Remember when treehouses were lovingly put together over the course of a few weekends by dad or grandpa? Throw up a crude "kidz only" sign and you were set. Treehouses have come a long way, baby. No longer just kids' clubhouses, they are guest quarters, home offices, meditation spaces, and reading nooks designed by architects and costing thousands of dollars. Since it's Escapes months here at AT it seems like the perfect time to think about treehouse retreats.

Germany company Baumraum specializes in these lofty aeries and has built them all over Germany and Europe as well as in South America. Many are built as exhibitions on the grounds of museums, but some serve as mini-getaway spaces for families.

As apartment dwellers, we'd be thrilled to have another closet much less a whole (stunning) treehouse to escape to, but we thoroughly enjoyed looking and fantasizing about these beautiful, calm spaces.

You can see a wide variety of treehouse projects at Baumraum's website. So go ahead and escape for a few moments...

(Via Crib Candy.)

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