Look! Bedside Carafe and Glass

We keep noticing bedside tables staged with small water pitchers or carafes, and love the idea of giving our nightly glass of water a little bit of formality. Easily enough we were able to find a small simple glass pitcher and a monogrammed glass to set by the bed! The look ended up adding a little elegance to the bedroom, which we warmly welcomed.

1 A clean-lined pitcher and monogrammed glass with a gold accent at the top made for a pretty little water set next to the bed. It seems that there are a plethora of beautiful, single glasses at secondhand stores--it's finding an entire set that's a challenge. Put on top of a small, ornate mirror, a sweet little vignette sits right next to the bedside lamp!
2 A simple floral decanter and matching glass gives a light, airy addition to this swanky dark bedroom, at Living Etc.
3 The less dainty but equally as stylish carafe in this Living Etc. room is most likely a repurposed coffee carafe. A fantastic option that also keeps the water from going "stale" for a longer period of time. (We know we're not the only ones who can't drink water that's been out for too long!)
4 This is a great, simple option from CB2 that is also extremely inexpensive! (The whole shebang for $9.95) We love the tumbler as lid aspect, as well, on account of the "stale" water comment above.
5 The Alfie carafe, a chrome plated copper carafe with brown wicker, is a great look with a bit more texture and earthiness. Find it at the Redbook store.