Look! Best Tech in Small Cool 2008 -- Part 5

Look! Best Tech in Small Cool 2008 -- Part 5

Sonia Zjawinski
May 13, 2008

This year's Small Cool contest has brought in a lot of great ideas for hiding technology. Dave and Rob of San Francisco are no exception. They used vintage furniture and accessories to help balance their high tech lifestyle...

Dave and Rob were looking for a way to minimize the clutter of their media center. "Before we got it, we had a large open console so all of our components like our DVD player, surround sound stereo receiver, cable box, PS2, etc. were right out in the open and not very nice to look at," says Dave.

"I've always lusted after a nice Danish modern credenza, so one day, Rob and I went down to Valencia Street and found a good one for a reasonable price at a place called Touch."

"Our goal was to not have any more electronic stuff visible except for the TV of course," he continues. "The credenza definitely helped us organize and minimize the clutter of our electronics components."

All their components fit perfectly inside the credenza, including all their DVDs. "We've recently added an Apple TV to the mix and I'm now in the process of setting up a media server so we can have all of our content on demand."

Rob and Dave like to mesh old and new tech together, which is why they placed their little yellow retro TV next to their flashy flat screen. "Even though the new TV is way bigger than the little yellow one, it's the little one that gets the most attention because it's fun to look at."

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