Look! Boom Box Graduates to Higher Living

Look! Boom Box Graduates to Higher Living

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 25, 2009

For us, boom boxes tend to represent youth. More specifically, they represent a time when function (and cost) is much more important than form. They tend to be found in dorm rooms, or fresh out of college apartments, amongst concert posters and hand me down furniture. You usually don't find them in well designed interiors.

Well, say hello to the exception. Above is the living room of Paola's 700 sq ft apartment in Italy. As you see, above the beautiful wood grain TV console is a slab of similar wood on the wall, with what looks like metal shelves holding a monster of a ghetto blaster. Paola's broken up the sound system, with speakers on the top shelf and main unit on the lower, more accessible shelf...

We have to say the stereo looks pretty posh. Of course, if we had our way we'd upgrade her to something smaller, but she's made it work in her space and we give her a high five for that.

Do any of you guys still use one of these all-in-one boom boxes?

photo found on Rearranged Design

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