Look! CA Boom Silver Lake tour experience

Look! CA Boom Silver Lake tour experience

Gregory Han
Sep 12, 2006

This past Saturday was just about perfectly spent, thanks to the people at CA Boom and their LA's New Independence architecture tour. Being shuttled all across the local hills of my hood, Silver Lake, we got to peek into some homes we've walked past on numerous occasions during morning and afternoon walks. I can wholeheartedly endorse the tour, as both Emily and I had a fantastic time being exposed to architectural interiors normally reserved for the pages of design magazines.

We especially fell head over heels for Richard Neutra's VDL Research House. Upon immediate entry, we knew the residence that once housed the Neutra family was something special: the smell of old books permeated throughout, every corner playing with the sense of line of sight/reflection, each room exhibiting Neutra's mastery of utilizing space to the effect of "feeling just right". Simply put, it ranks as my favourite residence I've ever stepped into.

And that's not to say the other structures weren't worthy of praise. Each home offered a different solution, a different perspective, and the tour was successful in relaying a multitude of architectural narratives for not only the residences themselves, but the people who called the home. I cannot wait till the next tour, and we're waiting to hear back from winner Simone about her experience. Be sure to check out more of the photos at the ATLA Flickr page.

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