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If you are a pet owner you know the tangles that can happen with all of your dog "stuff." There's leashes, poo bags and sweaters that all need a home. Having recently moved we were in dire need of a permanent place for the gear of our two dogs. Click through the jump for shots on how it's made and words on why it makes life so much easier.

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At our home we have two leashes, two harnesses and a roll of dog bags for those long walks around the buildings downtown. We believe in picked up after our pets 100% and since we no longer use our bags from retailers (thanks to our reusable shopping bags!) we have a large roll waiting by the door so we don't forget. The pipe holds everything we need for our frequent walks and trips to the park.

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We attached the pipe to the wall with a metal flashing. Tapcon screws were used to attach the flashing after we first predrilled the brick with a masonry bit.

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We know that the industrial/uber practical and functional look isn't for every space, but with our concrete floors and brick walls, it blends right in and couldn't be more convenient.

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