Look! Ceiling Fan Air Filters

Look! Ceiling Fan Air Filters

Jason Loper
Jul 21, 2011

I was walking through the hardware store last night when I happened upon this display of ceiling fan air filters. A fantastic concept, for sure, by I wonder if they actually work.

The concept seems simple — you place the filters on two of the blades of a ceiling fan and, as they rotate, they pick up the dust and pollen in the air. My ceiling fans have been running nonstop for the past month so putting a filter on top of the blades seems like such a good idea. If the fans are going to be whirring above me, they may as well be cleaning the air, too!

And yet, even though it seems like a logical and simple concept, I didn't actually buy the filters. I'm very skeptical that products like this actually do anything to purify the air. Knowing how much dust and kitty fur that ends up on the fan blades, I would think the purifiers would simply get covered in it as well and not actually purify anything.

Has anyone tried these ceiling fan air purifiers? Share your experience in the comments.

Image: Jason Loper

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