Look! Cell Phone Towers Hidden in Plants and Architecture

Look! Cell Phone Towers Hidden in Plants and Architecture

Sonia Zjawinski
Sep 18, 2008

No one wants a cell phone tower in their neighborhood. Aside from the possible health ramifications, they're a total eyesore. Unfortunately, with over 250 million users in the U.S. we can't avoid putting up new towers. What might surprise you though is that your town may already have a cell phone tower in it and you don't even know. Why? Well, a few different companies have designed some impressive Houdini tricks in order to hide those towers of power.

Larson Camouflage and Stealth Concealment Solutions have worked all over the states, figuring out ways to hide new cell phone towers. They've been able to hide transmitting equipment in trees, under rocks, and even in churches. After the jump we take a look at some of their work...

This Larson palm tree actually has antenna panels built into it's trunk and its branches hold RF Friendly antenna.

Stealth and Larson add silos to locations that already have them. You never know which one holds the grain and which one holds the gizmos.

Churches generate much needed added income when they rent out their architecture to cellular networks. Here Larson concealed a tower within the cross wall on the roof. Hallelujah!

And here Stealth used the actual cross as a cell (and faith) transmitter.

The two companies also add elements to existing buildings to hide cell work. Here Stealth added a chimney facade to the roof of the building.

And then there's the rock your sitting on. It may actually be a trunk that holds all your network's cables and boxes.

photos: Larson Camouflage and Stealth Concealment

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