Look! Chartreuse May Be Hot This Spring?

Look! Chartreuse May Be Hot This Spring?

Grace Shu
Feb 26, 2008

Who knew how versatile chartreuse is? Not me! Who knew that chartreuse had such a complex history? Not me! For color purists, we're referring to the "traditional chartreuse"--it's halfway between yellow and green, and somehow manages to play nice with grey blue, light pink, salmon pink, olive green, and pretty much every shade of yellow imaginable. Check out more chartreuse options and examples after the jump...

[ Photo by Lara Robby / Studio D for Country Living ]

After canvassing the trusty internet to find other examples of how to incorporate chartreuse in a home, the best one we found was none other than our very own Fall Colors contest winners, Dan and Amy. Apparently, they got the memo early: check out their Womb chair upholstered in this daring color. Want to try this at home? CB2 has some pretty great and affordable options for pillows and throws (the easiest way we know how to spruce up a room):

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