Look! Chicago in Flux

Look! Chicago in Flux

Sarah Coffey
Jun 5, 2008

We've been feeling a ridiculous amount of pride for our city lately. Part of it is induced by the euphoria that happens to most Chicagoans during our brief but beautiful summer, but lately it's been more than that. After reading the Alex Kotlowitz article about Chicago that Heather posted, we've been thinking about what Kotlowitz describes as "Chicago's lure and its beauty: its ability to take what was and figure out what could be..."

Chicago is not without its problems. We've bemoaned the city's ineffective recycling program, and although we have some cool new public housing projects we also have a serious shortage of subsidized housing for those who need it. Kotlowitz knows Chicago's problems well - his most famous book, There Are No Children Here, makes the problems with Chicago public housing very real and present.

Still, despite the city's problems, there is a sense of life that feels like it's reaching a fever pitch right now. Yesterday we found out that Chicago has been short-listed for the 2016 Olympics, and this week our Senator from Hyde Park, Barack Obama, secured the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency. Chicago is in flux, and whether or not we like the direction things are going, we're in the middle of an exciting moment.

We're very lucky to have a job that allows us to write about living in this city. Our schedule is such that we work from home in the mornings and go downtown in the afternoons for our second job. Every day, our route from the bus takes us through some of Chicago's most spectacular spots, and we get to see the city moving, breathing, and changing.

Sometimes we take a moment just to look, although we've seen these places hundreds of times before. Chicago has some of the world's best modern architecture (okay, maybe not the Trump Tower...but at least it's not gold). It's hard not to feel some sort of awe when you're walking across the Chicago River. Everything around you seems monumental in scale and very much alive.

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