Look!: Classic Outdoor Dining Table

Look!: Classic Outdoor Dining Table

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 27, 2007

Our friend, John Berg, had this made for his new ultra modern house, and we immediately thought it was a winner. Bought through a store called Nellies in Amagansett (631.267.1000), he worked with the carpenter and tweaked the design a bit. It's a classic picnic table shape constructed with well sanded, untreated wood that will grow richer with age...

Now, the point of this post is not simply to steer you to buy one. We've taken a bunch of pics so that you could build one yourself or have one built if you really like the design. Here are some of the key elements:

1. Top is made of three wide planks
2. Trestle table design is finished with rounded cross braces and pegs
3. Benches are topped with one generous piece of wood
4. Bench feet are nicely notched and braced in an old fashioned camp style
5. The wood is a natural, raw knotty cedar that requires no finishing and will weather outdoors

The dimensions, of course, can be varied to fit your space, which also makes this design easily adaptable.

We're filing this away for our next outdoor table project and hope you do too. Got a better one? Attach it below.

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