Look! Clementine and Clove Thanksgiving Decoration

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Maybe you don't have many Thanksgiving decorations. Or perhaps you're looking for something slightly more sophisticated than the hand-print turkeys your kids bring home from school every year (which, frankly, we love). Meg, who writes Elsie Marley, cleverly devised this beautiful and fragrant mantle garland from clementines and cloves.

posted originally from: OhDeeDoh

Meg spelled out "Happy Thanksgiving," but we also think this idea could be carried over to the holiday table by spelling out the initials of guests on clementine placecards. And eating your placecard might be a nice way to start or end the often gluttonous meal. Best of all, it's easy enough for your kids to do and might make them feel involved in preparing for and hosting the celebration.

We always love Meg's spin on things at Elsie Marley - take a look!

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