Look!: Colorful Target Wares (on the Cheap!)

Lookie, lookie what we found whilst stocking up on toilet paper and tissue browsing the aisles at Target. Like everyone else out there, we're doing our darndest to cut back on any unnecessary purchases, but these colorful wares were in the bargain-aisle at the front of the store (and yes, we know the bargain aisle is a complete and total trap)...

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They had a whole bunch of coordinated goodies hanging out in this section....mixing bowls, spatulas, scrub brushes; even silicone cupcake cups!

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We especially loved the bright plastic mixing bowls (momma had some of these when we were kids) but opted to treat ourselves with a $.99 wire fruit basket (also makes a lovely bread basket when you toss in a pretty napkin). Indulgence on a budget...