Look!: Concrete Pass-Through Sinks

Last time we visited Spin Pizza in Lee's Summit Missouri, we forgot to show you the bathrooms. Normally this isn't a high point to eating out, although their bathrooms are just as well designed as the rest of their restaurant. We took a break from Labor Day activities and stopped in for a bite to eat and remembered to take a trip to the little girls room for a quick photo. See how this sink goes through the wall (literally) after the jump...

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You can see under the wall through to the entryway and on across to the second stall (although the camera wasn't able to manage that shot).

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The concrete was poured to peak under the faucet. The water runs in different directions depending on how rambunctious you are with the hand washing.

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This layout might help to understand the layout of the bathrooms a bit more. You enter into a waiting room with a sink, with doors to individual bathrooms on either side. The sink runs through the wall through all 3 rooms and is one long piece of concrete.

Photos by Jenni Brown

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