Look! Copper Tubing Makes Great Pot Rack

Better than store bought. At a good friend's for dinner last night, we loved the way they hung their pots from a built-in pot rack made of copper tubing. Turns out the previous owners built it and wanted to TAKE IT WITH THEM when they sold the apartment. Despite being nutty since this is bolted to the ceiling, it does speak to the fact that they really loved it.

To build one of these is tricky but everything can be bought at your local hardware store or lumber yard. Copper tubing gets cuts to size and inserted together (preferably welded with a light weld), and then screws are mounted into the ceiling to hold it. With sheetrock a simple expanding screwhead should do the trick, if you take it from a number of points. Though pots are heavy, 10 points of contact should be more than enough. (Thanks, George!) MGR