Look!: Costa Rica Wood Notes

Look!: Costa Rica Wood Notes

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 27, 2007

Lotsa wood. For the third year we were lucky enough to be invited by friends down to Playa Grande in Costa Rica, where we found some new design features to highlight. Last year we documented the turtle lights, and this year it's the generous use of wood...

Costa Rica has a nice supply of wood, and is a very eco-conscious country for Central America. Where others would have plastic or metal, they go with wood. Proud of their artisans, here are a few features that caught our eye, followed by a huge panorama of the landscape.

Above is "live" edge vanity installation in our bathroom, which we felt was very 70's Southern California, but also very warm and nice.

This towel rack was simple in design and startlingly efficient as we hung many, many towels from it at once.

This high chair was a daily workhorse and a great, solid design. It stool out to us for it's lack of cheap materials (if you don't think of wood as cheap) and it's minimal, modernist craftsmanship. Because of the weight of the wood, it was also very, very steady. We hosed it down when dirty and took a bunch of pics to be used it we wanted to copy it in the future.

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