Look: Creative Ceiling Light Makeover

Look: Creative Ceiling Light Makeover

Colleen Quinn
Sep 19, 2008

ATDC reader dcexplorer sent in a project that he hopes will inspire other apartment dwellers on a budget. He took an everyday object and reworked it to cover up a boring light fixture in his new apartment. Read on to learn more about this quick and easy fix...

Dcexplorer found a stylish and cheap metal bowl online at Sam's Club and used 3 small pieces of floral wire to attach the bowl to the 3 screws on the existing ceiling fixture. The result is a simple quick alternative to those boring apartment/builder ceiling light fixtures. According to dcexplorer, the wire bowl is very light and delicate and does not pose a safety hazard.

The best part? Total price of this ceiling light fixture cover up project was $9.11 (he got free shipping from Sam's Club).

Thanks to dcexplorer for sharing your project with us. Do you have a DIY project or store or service provider you would like us to write about? If so, drop us a line at dc@apartmenttherapy.com and then check back here to read all about it...

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