Look! Decals Make For Inexpensive Wall Art

We ran across a great tutorial today for using at home printer-friendly decal paper. It takes your average thrift store ceramics and transforms them into great inexpensive wall art or accessories. Want to see how it's done? Click through for details!

We caught this great little tutorial from the Wee Gallery. It utilizes this decal paper which can be run through your printer at home and is able to be applied to just about anything.

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The Wee Gallery teamed up with illustrator Helen Dardik for this set of designs, and aren't they oh so cute! The designs were printed, and cut out leaving a bit of a white around the outside of the design.

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After a soak, the image is then applied, making sure to remove all air bubbles. After it dries, it's ready to be hung on your wall! This would be a great project for several different types of thrift store finds.

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We can see it used on trays, lamps, picture frames, mirrors and more. Make sure to head over to Wee Gallery to hear a bit more of the details and check out a few more photos of the process!

Helpful Links:

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  • Helen Dardik's Website and Blog

    (Photos via Wee Gallery)

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