Look! Decorated Adirondack Chairs

Look! Decorated Adirondack Chairs

Alejandra Valera
Aug 27, 2008

We found this giant Adirondack chair in front of La Grange, Illinois' village hall and thought it was too funny. For those who have ever wanted to pretend they're shrinking (or act out Lily Tomlin's role in The Incredible Shrinking Woman) the 9-foot jumbo Adirondack chair is a must if you're in the area.

Sponsored by the La Grange Business Association and the village of La Grange the chairs are part of the "Lounging in La Grange" art exhibit.

Our favorite chair was the Ugly Doll chair. Big surprise, huh? Still, this definitely inspired us to crack out the paints and makeover our son's Adirondack chair.

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