Look: Drop-in Tin Ceiling Tiles

Look: Drop-in Tin Ceiling Tiles

Jul 28, 2008

We stopped by the grand opening of the New Surroundings Market right off Lincoln Park and were blown away by the renovated store's bright and airy feel. The most significant change to the space was the gorgeous tin ceiling...

We asked if it took a lot of work and the owner said not really. He explained that they kept the frame work of the old dropped ceiling and just replaced the tiles. It looks fantastic! We have posted about drop-in tin ceiling tiles before but it was great to seem them in person.

Drop-in tin ceiling tiles are basically tin tiles that are suspended at a certain height from the grid to the ceiling. They are usually cheaper than normal tin ceiling panels and are made to fit into existing drop ceiling grid frames. The standard 15/16" grid system is available at stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

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