Look! : Eucalyptus In the Bathroom

Look! : Eucalyptus In the Bathroom

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 28, 2008

Here's our Bathroom Month closer: this week Sara Kate went out and bought a few branches of eucalyptus, hung them in the shower, and w o w. Every time you take a shower, the hot steamy air opens up the eucalyptus and fills the bathroom with the great clean scent of the plant....

We'd never done this before, but it's such a great, simple, natural bathroom upgrade during these emotionally stressful last days of winter/first days of spring. If you want to bring a little more of the outside it, this will do it.

The eucalyptus is easy to buy in NYC as it's sold at many grocery and small corner grocers around town in the flower section. DON'T buy the dyed ones, however, just the natural ones. And the price? Best of all - cheap - @ $5 for what you see above.

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