Look!: Even MORE Open Kitchen Shelves from Readers

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Serra's orange inside/yellow outside open shelves

We wrote one email about it (How To: Open Your Kitchen Shelving and Not Screw it Up). Then you started to send in amazing pictures, which we posted (Look!: More Open Kitchen Shelving from Our Readers). Now we've got more. If you have one, please send it in and we'll post it as well (to maxwell @ apartmenttherapy . com)....

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The pics are a few years old but it still looks the same today :) Painted orange on the inside, yellow on the outside. I can take clearer shots if these aren't clear enough - they are slightly blurry, I have mastered my camera skills since these pictures were taken :)

Happy spring to you, Serra

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Hi AT,

I am enjoying all of the "opened" kitchen shelving. It made a huge difference in the tiny kitchen of our 100 year old house. "After" pictures are just a couple weeks after we moved in-- this was on the very top of our priority list, since we needed a lot more space! Not shown is a high shelf that runs over the door frames along three of the four walls.

Thanks, Ariana M.

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