Look: Fake Air Vent Safe

Look: Fake Air Vent Safe

Gregory Han
Jun 5, 2008

We've never been one to stash anything away, but for some reason the kid in us has always liked the idea of hiding away valuables. Except we don't have much in the way of valuables to hide away. But if we did somehow run into a cache of ice or wads of dead presidents, we think we'd DIY emulate this Air Vent Secret Compartment...

Installation is easy. Installs in walls with studs 16" on center or greater. Installs in minutes with simple tools!

A quarter turn fastener is hidden in the louvers. Turn it a 1/4 turn and the vent assembly opens like a drawbridge revealing the Secret compartment. The air vent secret compartment comes completely assembled with 2 removable shelves, and 4 fasteners. Simply cut a hole in the drywall or paneling using a razor knife or hacksaw blade and put 4 screws in and you're finished!

Holy moly! $259 plus $15 shipping? By the time you pay for something like this, you won't have anything to stash away inside it except your receipt and some wallet lint. Seems easy enough to make yourself...

[via OhGizmo]

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