Look!: Fiestaware at The Brown Elephant

Look!: Fiestaware at The Brown Elephant

Jan 29, 2008

Tucked in amongst all the unmatched dessert plates and occasional Garfield mug (see left), we spotted this pristine Fiestaware cup and saucer. We don't know a lot about Fiestaware pricing but we do know that this Pearl Gray shade has been discontinued, so the $6 price tag felt like a pretty good deal. Even though we're not Fiestaware fanatics, finding this hidden treasure got us thinking about collections and that perfect, exciting moment when you find the missing piece...

Some collectors, like AT House Touree Carol, hunt organically. Carol has been collecting (and using) Russel Wright dishes for 25 years. Instead of turning to the internet to easily track down missing pieces, she prefers to comb through the uncertain bounty at antique and thrift stores. When she does finally find new additions, there's no hesitation and she'll take the whole lot.

Other collectors are aggressive with their search and leave no stone unturned. Amy and David, AT House Tourees and proprietors of their basement "Tabu Tiki Lounge," frequent auctions, resale shops, Ebay, and even the street curbs of Chicago to bring home the Tiki.

Tell us what you collect and how/where you go about finding your bounty. If Fiestaware is your passion, we snapped the photo at The Brown Elephant on Halsted this past Saturday so there's a good chance it's still there!

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