Look! Fireplace in B+B Bedroom

Our bedroom is freezing — consequence of being a poorly built addition with little to no insulation — so the idea of having a fireplace at the foot of our bed is the ultimate in winter sleeping luxury. When we tied the knot this fall we spent a few nights in this adorable B&B carriage house where the highlight was undoubtedly the thermostat-controlled fireplace...

We’re not really gas log folks but we’ll admit the modern convenience of knowing the fire would turn itself off (and back on in the morning) was highly enjoyable. Anyone ever stayed at a B&B with a fireplace in the bedroom? Or do you have one in your own bedroom? If so, how do you feel about it in warmer months when it goes unused? We’re on the fence about having one in our own home but definitely relished our experience for those few days.

The Colby Hill Inn is in Henniker, New Hampshire and comes highly recommended if you're looking for a great B&B in southern NH.