FLOR Button Rug

FLOR Button Rug

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 25, 2006

(Welcome to Aaron Able, our new co-editor!)

I Love FLOR. Interface FLOR rolled in a new direction with their latest catalog. FLOR has done an excellent job of adding new tile designs and colors since they made their debut three years ago. And many ATers have worked with FLOR. Now, the Button Rug makes its debut in three colors. It's exciting to see carpet tiles moving beyond the square but a few details don't add up...

Flipping through the catalog, I was really surprised at the absence of designs blending the new curved pieces with the traditional 19.7" squares. I want to see rugs with rounded corners, L-shaped rugs with soft turns and large-scale carpets with a scalloped edge. Looking at the measurements of Button, the curved pieces are approximately 19.5" on the flat sides. The 1/5 inch difference is bizarre and limits what once seemed like endless possibilities. What gives?

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