Look! Fuchsia at ICFF

Look! Fuchsia at ICFF

Laure Joliet
May 20, 2008
Fuchsia, Magenta, Hot Pink, call it what you will, the bold color was all over the products we saw at ICFF (and often in a cool, matte felt). We're thinking that fuchsia has what it takes to be the next great accent color (the way orange has been) or if you're ready for it, you could take it further and have an entire sofa covered in it:


Nolen Niu Xo Sofa from $4000-$6500 Gelderland 4800 Sofa Jason Champion Deco Planter Palau Boris Chair and Ottoman, $4,530 Cocoon Sofa (Eco friendly) Offect Playback Sofa Chat-Board Fuchsia Bulletin Board

See the way Orange has been used as an accent color here.

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