Look! Garage Door Headboard

While perusing Canadian House and Home, we found a how-to for a very involved (for us) DIY headboard project. The instructions called for creating a frame out of two-by-fours and attaching plywood, resulting in a tall, door-like headboard. Being the carpentry-phobes we are, we thought, "how about using an old door and cutting out the middle man?" We're not the first to think of it.Junk Market Style posted this garage-door turned headboard, which is a coat of paint away from Canadian House and Home's project (below), but perhaps a bit easier:

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Via: Canadian House & Home

How To: Old Door Headboard (Leah's February Jumpstart Project 2009)

Images: Junk Market Style (top); Mark Burstyn/Antonio Bellusci for Canadian House and Home (bottom)

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