Look! Glazed and Painted Brick

Last week we got a good question from Scott, who mentioned "I haven't found many websites with exterior paint colors for brick homes, especially with Chicago references/examples..." In our own West Town neighborhood, we've noticed a lot of beautiful homes with glazed and painted brick, so we set out with our camera to gather a few shots...FIRST ROW1 Green glazed brick on a modern home • 2 White glazed brick on a modern home • 3 Another shot of the same home's facade • 4 A close-up of the white glazed brick • 5 Beautiful, weathered blue paint on a traditional home

6 Cream-colored paint with rust-colored borders
7 Light gray paint wrapping the facade of an apartment building
8 White paint unifies the facade of this house
9 Brick red paint with black and red trim
10 White glazed brick, wood, and natural brick

To learn more about painting and glazing exterior brick, the Brick Industry Association has a number of downloadable PDF guides ranging from "Ceramic Glazed Exterior Brick Walls" to "Painting Brick Masonry."

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