Look! Golden Arches Headboard

Look! Golden Arches Headboard

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 17, 2006

This came in last week from Amy, who was travelling in Switzerland and thinking of AT.com:

I just returned from a week-long trip through Eastern Switzerland. Apartment Therapy was on my mind quite a bit as I browsed the many furniture stores with my patient girlfriend. It's immediately clear how design is a part of their identity as a country. Everything there is beautiful in a very clean, German, light laquered pine sort of way...

On the evening before our flight back to New York we stayed at the Park Inn, where the rooms are supposed to look like this:

Instead, they looked like my photo [at top]. Gah! It was as if the hotel had taken on a McDonald's franchise. Never in my life did I think I'd see Golden Arches headboards. Never could I imagine them approaching tasteful! I'm not sure if this is triumph or loss for the world of Scandanavian design. But it is pretty funny.


(Thanks, Amy!)

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