Look! Google's New York Office

The dotcom bust brought the decline of many things, including extravagant office spaces. Fortunately, even in our current bust Google is still able to spend big bucks on their luxurious New York office (see: Goggle Zurich). Are we jealous? A little...

image via Grub Street

Not only do they have a cafeteria with its own “make your own sandwich” bar, but the actual building is so huge (second largest footprint in NYC) that there’s a map to find your way around. The layout of the space mimics the map of Manhattan, with subway stations IDing specific conference rooms in the building. Oh and the building is so big, employees get around on Razr scooters (we’d probably opt for a skateboard).

image via World Amazing Information, Facts and News

In one of the entrance ways is a floor projection of current search terms being used around the globe. We would spend most of our day waiting for that one embarrassing search… “genital rash,” “loose bowels,” “Africa the country.”

image via World Amazing Information, Facts and News

The coolest part of the office may be the museum of obsolete computers. Oh, and the Lego wall where employees can procrastinate with bricks and blocks.