(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

A few weeks ago, we ate at a little neighborhood French bistro. It wasn't the first time we'd eaten there, but this time we became fixated on the chandeliers with their fabulous Edison light bulbs, those old-fashioned clear bulbs where the carbon filament is visible (they're really gorgeous, but they're difficult for amateurs like us to photograph -- see pic below the jump). We did some research to find out where you can buy them. But we hadn't actually gotten around to blogging them yet.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Then last night we were doing our usual blog check, and saw that Joanna had written about Edison light bulbs here. And, amazingly enough, we happened to look up during a promo for the TV show "The Riches," and there was Minnie Driver, framed by. . . Edison light bulbs.

They're so beautiful, and dramatic. They emit a soft glow, are long-lasting, and make us want to find a great chandelier.

About $15-$25. Available at Antique Hardware and Home, Rejuvenation, Lehmans, and House of Antique Hardware.

Image: Antique Hardware and Home