Look! Guerrilla Gardening in Berkeley

Look! Guerrilla Gardening in Berkeley

Stephanie Kinnear
Aug 20, 2008

We spotted this cool little demonstration of guerrilla gardening yesterday during an afternoon walk, and had to snap a picture.

Sunflower Geurrilla Day was like three months ago, but someone in our neighborhood took the sentiment and ran with it, planting some flowers and other bits of greenery at the base of this lonely tree.

In case you can't read the sign on the tree, it says: "Make Berkeley Pretty."

We've never done any guerrilla gardening ourselves, but the thought (and sight) of it makes us really grateful that some people take the chore upon themselves. It really does add a little beauty and intrigue to an otherwise unremarkable stretch of sidewalk.

It also has the potential to attract birds and bees (always a good thing) and it's a nice place to drop a little compost if you're running out of places to put it ....

Have you ever planted anything in a public space?

Now, we're tempted to beautify a few lonely spots in front of our apartment.

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