Look!: Gullivers Decor...and more

Look!: Gullivers Decor...and more

Heather Blaha
Oct 24, 2007

We've been by Gullivers pizzeria more times than we could count, and every time we wonder what in the world is going on inside, given how busy/ornate/enormous/strange it looks on the outside...

Last weekend we went past the front doors and into a dimly lit pizza parlor, surrounded by hundreds (and hundreds) of chandeliers and antiques. The menu boasts that it is "America's Most Beautiful Restaurant and Pizzeria: 3 dining rooms filled with the largest collection of turn-of-the-century antiques in the United States." Go see for yourself; it's quite an experience.

Gullivers is located at 2727 W. Howard St. in Chicago. 773.338.2166

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